Creating listings on Amazon

One of the most important things in selling on Amazon is properly made listings or “product cards” on Amazon. That’s why one of our services is creating listings on Amazon. This is the result of many years of experience, because selling on Amazon is largely based on keywords. Therefore, effective sales is a process that starts with analyzing the competition and identifying keywords that generate sales.

Placing these keywords in the listing plays a key role in sales, because it is these keywords that we will position ourselves with PPC campaigns to achieve the highest possible organic positions and, as a result, achieve the highest sales.

TOP listings on Amazon

In the survey, we will ask you to describe your product, its advantages and physical characteristics. The purpose of the survey is to correctly identify the advantages of the product, and to familiarize us with it.

We perform competition analysisand the so-called "keyword research", i.e. the study of keywords that will be placed in the text

a native speaker, based on a survey and using keywords, writes 5 buleltpoints (about 1000 characters), a detailed description (about 2000 characters).

We create effective titles and backend and optimise listing in terms of positioning.

In addition, you receive a file that contains:

  • The top ten best-selling competitors
  • All keywords indexed by the competitors listed above
  • A list of 15 to 40 key phrases ready to be used in PPC campaigns
  • Title up to 200 characters
  • Bulletpoints 5x200 characters
  • Detailed description up to 2000 characters
  • Backend up to 200 characters