Creating a catalog of offers on Amazon

After successful registration and account verification, it’s time to create a catalog of offers on Amazon.
To do this, we collect materials to create listings on Amazon (photos, texts for product descriptions, basic technical parameters
If you are not sure whether your product descriptions are optimized in terms of positioning and keywords, or if you do not have descriptions at all, then we can write them for you or optimize and edit them on request!

We will provide technical parameters of photos on Amazon, we can also help you with their processing and execution.

It is very important to create an offer correctly, because it is the quality of your listings that will determine your success on Amazon.
We promise that we will take care of creating the best possible offers to maximize the sale of your products.

Creating an Amazon offer catalog

We consult all necessary materials and their technical parameters.

We collect necessary listing elements (texts, photos, basic technical attributes).

We create a catalog of offers on Amazon according to the platform's standards.